SpinnyBoizAJ Wiki


The term SpinnyBoiz refers to a brown koala with a tan undercoat wearing a blue Head Flower and a green Lei. During hallowen season, they can change to a black undercoat or wear a skeleton suit.

Total Cost

The total cost to become a SpinnyBoi is/was 1500 Gems as of 10/24/17. This cost has changed to 500 since an uncertain date. Todays converters have it much cheaper than the early ones.

Habitat and Food

SpinnyBoiz are native to the lush, grassy, flora-rich areas of Sarepia Forest. They also commonly reside in Julian2's Den. Sadly the SpinnyBoi numbers have been dying down ever since their leader King Bean ( Julian2 ) mysteriously disappeared. They eat beans.


SpinnyBoiz enjoy doing the following.

Meditation, Spinning "alabaster zeniths" at their enemies, converting other jammers into Spinny Boiz, eating beans, battling Cheese Tigers, etc.

It has been noted that most still surviving spinny boiz either live in clans or alone. Clans of spiny bois are very rare and almost nonexistent, we even only have evidence that clans may exist, as no clans have been officially sighted.

Lone spinny boiz seem to roam freely, occasionally trying to convert others to the spinny ways. However, most fail, so the lone boiz population has slowly decreased over the years.